Specially Crafted for You

Annually, by applying advanced technology combined with long-standing traditional culinary secrets, we launch more than 20 different flavors of mooncakes based on the favorite tastes of Asian people.

In order to provide the best and safest experience for customers, Tai Thong is committed to using only premium and carefully selected ingredients from the early steps of production. Our skilled chefs and R&D team creatively work non-stop to catch up with the tastes of our customers, to bring new flavors following classic Singaporean and the global standards of mooncakes.


Attractive and Meaningful Packaging

Being a highlight of Tai Thong mooncake in Vietnam market, we always concentrate on the product packaging to create luxurious and dedicated gift boxes and mooncake packs. Tai Thong mooncake offers luxurious and meaningful multi-tiered chests inspired by high-end handbags and ceremonial boxes sculpted with symbols representing the Mid-Autumn festival. Additionally, our service allows customers to freely choose their favorite flavors of mooncake into the custom gift boxes. If you have any concerns regarding purchasing policies, please contact Tai Thong’s customer service. We are honored to serve you.