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The moon cake market in Vietnam is coming to a harsh and exciting peek. This year, the market will be more attractive with the appearance of many big foreign brand names, especially the brand Tai Thong moon cake – the famous brand No. 1 from Malaysia.
Referring to Tai Thong, every Malaysian would know. With the long-standing prestige and years of experience in the moon cake making industry (Tai Thong was founded in 1910), its quality has always been maintained and increasingly, Tai Thong has affirmed its position in Malaysia market and started a new story in Vietnam market this year.

With a wide variety of options, Tai Thong moon cake is now known as the first moon cake product considered to be extraordinary healthy, suitable for dieters, diabeties, want to lose weight, preserve physique through food.

With lotus seeds, peanuts, almonds, pineapple leaves, Azuki red beans from Japan (the secret of long life, young, healthy), Musang King dandelion (Malaysia only), … Moon cake of Tai Thong is suitable for the whole family, from children to elderly people with very good and nutritious benefits, that helps you to take care of the health of the whole family.


The most outstanding products of Tai Thong in the mid-autumn of 2017:

Traditional lotus cake with salted egg
Enjoy the sweet aroma of traditional lotus seeds, combined with egg yolk mixed with some melon seeds, impressive trio from Tai Thong Mooncakes promise to make you really satisfied.

White salted egg white cake
The aromatic white lotus, combined with a single golden egg yolks, is packaged in a classic grilled moon cake that will smack a hard-to-fade impression for the enjoyment. Let this taste sweet, delicate for your enjoy of the moonlit night.

Cream custard jade custard
The amazing combination of pineapple and egg cream will be a cake that you can not ignore. The jade of pure pineapple leaves together with the intense reddish orange of custard ice cream will add variety to the traditional moon cake on the occasion of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

Red bean curd with salted Azuki
Have been researched in accordance with modern taste, Tai Thong Mooncakes will bring you the sweet taste of red azuki beef delicate and stylish. Super special moon cake, for the most special customers.

Black sesame seeds, white lotus seeds and eggs
With the harmony of nutritious ingredients of black sesame seeds, white lotus seeds and egg yolks will bring people enjoy the delicious cake. No worries about weight gain. Let Tai Thong Mooncakes take care of your health!

Musa King’s finest cakes
Limited edition with Musang King Durian – the only specialty Durian only in Malaysia – will be the unique cake of durian fans! This special cake will boost your sense of smell and guide you to a passionate and subtle sensation.

A cake with fruits and nuts
A mixture of hard and crunchy nuts, lemon, citrus fruit, dried citrus fruits and some other fruit flavors will bring you a delicious cake. Taste new moon cake of the new century, bring new experiences and new joys.

Sprinkle salt and white salt with dried shrimp and chicken
A bold blend of ingredients in the bread crust, this new moon cake is sure to give you a great experience between the salty taste and the mildness of the kernel.


Matcha green tea and Azuki red beans
Delicious green tea flavor, blend into the special red bean Azuki only in Japan, moon cake this new version will bring you the exciting experience beyond the limit.

Milk tea mocha flavor
This is a wonderful combination between the two most popular drinks today: mocha coffee and milk tea. Let Tai Thong lead you to experience 2 drinks in a special milk tea mocha cake. 2 in 1 – impressive blending.

What are you waiting for? Let’s place a full set of Tai Thong Gift and hand this “Beauty of Art” with your heart to your friend and family.

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